Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Decorate Your Nails to Match your accessories

Your nail is a canvas with endless possibilities...dare to experiment !

Monday, August 25, 2008

Design Sculptured Nails with Shell Wrap

We now have a team of excellent nail designers who create amazing nails using Nfu.Oh products. I will showcase their work here over time. These nails were inspired by the natural beauty of shell wrap, I would say an elegant way to wear your nails ; gift from mother nature. If you want to have these nails done, contact Serene at Esboudoir-Vivo City Singapore

Luxury enamels for your stylish salon

Nfu.Oh enamel is formaldehyde,DBP and Toulene Free. Beautiful 132 shades of durable, non-settling high quality ingredients, made in France. Truly a statement of style and luxury for your salon and nail services.

4 Levels of Nfu.Oh Master Certification

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Design Shells and Wraps by Catherine Wong

Nfu.Oh New 3D Acrylic Powder - Metallic Series

She has once again outdone herself by creating the most amazing range of 3D color powder in metallic series : Focus Collections (48 Colors)
Pastel Collection (12 Colors)
Red & Wine Collection (12 Colors)
Silver & Gray Collection (12 Colors)
Gold & Bronze Collection (12 Colors)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Pioneer Batch of Nfu.Oh Master Educators from Singapore and Malaysia

Nfu.Oh Booth in Korea and Sin/Mal Educators

A gathering of talented nail educators and artists from Singapore and Malaysia at Nfu.Oh's booth at the Nail Expo Seoul 2008

Nfu.Oh Korea Educators at Cosmobeaute Show KL

Nfu.Oh Seminar in KL, Malaysia 2008

A dynamic 3 days hands on class conducted by Enfu Oh and Viv Simmonds (Australian Nfu.Oh Educator) at JJ Nails KL following the Cosmobeaute show.

Nfu.Oh Master Class in Korea 2008

Training in Nfu.Oh Academy Korea

Students complete Nfu.Oh Basic and Advance Diploma locally and will proceed to Korea to train under Enfu Oh to be certified as Educators/Masters and licensed by KPNT (Korea Nail Association)

Nfu.Oh Korea Study Trip 2006 & Educator Training

Nfu.Oh Nail Creation Authorized Academies in Malaysia